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Lisa Stimpson

BA (Hons) Dip Psych UKCP Reg  MBACP

Dictionary definition of ‘inspire‘: 

To fill with enlivening emotion; to stimulate to action; motivate;
to be the cause or source of; to breathe life into.


Why Counselling / Psychotherapy?

It is within everyone’s reach to lead an inspired and fulfilled life. But a some point in their lives, most people feel overwhelmed with their difficulties and need some independent support to help them untangle what is going on. Some may want help with a specific problem such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or low self-esteem. Others may simply be feeling stuck and unsure what direction they want to go in life. Therapy is suitable for anyone who feels life isn’t what it ought to be.

Whatever the difficulty, I offer a safe haven and quiet space where you can explore what is going on for you, and how you can work towards releasing your blocks. My aim is to help you develop self awareness and self-esteem which will enable you to take control of your life with a restored sense of balance and purpose.

What are the difficulties I can help with?

stress / depression / anxiety

low self-esteem / surviving abuse / self harm

addiction / substance abuse / anger management

confidence / personal growth / spiritual issues

family dynamics / childhood issues / sexuality

bullying / work difficulties / redundancy

loss / domestic violence / bereavement


My private therapy room in Forest Row.

Garden Room

Nature Therapy in the surrounding beauty of the Ashdown Forest, Forest Row .


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