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There is strong evidence that being in work is good for people’s physical and mental health and their overall well-being. (“Is Work Good For Your Health and Well-being?” published 2006)study by Gordon Waddell CBR DSc FRCS – Centre for Psychosocial & Disability Research, Cardiff University A. Kim Burton phD DO Eur Erg – Centre for Health and Social care Research, University of Huddersfield)

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Work is central to individual identity. It can give us a sense of purpose and meaning, of participation in society. Self-determination and self-motivation are closely intertwined with our working life.


pic1How do you feel about work?

My aim is to provide a safe space to look at what you want from your working life and what might be holding you back from achieving it.  Together we explore your experience of work, asking questions such as:

  • What has your working life been like?
  • What do you associate with work?
  • What are your expectations, doubts and fears around work?
  • What is blocking you from working in a job you love?
  • What do you want from your working life?
  • Which aspects of work do you like, if any?
  • Is it just about the salary?
  • Has your working life been fulfilling and inspiring? why not?

Finding Meaning at Work

More and more people are concerned about finding meaning in their work. When people start devoting their time to meaningful work they become more energetic, open-minded and creative.  My approach to Work-Related Counselling starts from the position that it is essential for work to be satisfying and meaningful. If you are devoting your time and energy to work, why not do something you enjoy?

What Makes Work Meaningful?

What makes work meaningful is unique to each person. It may be helping others, having the opportunity to be creative, having leadership opportunities, being set challenges, or earning a high salary. What gets in the way is that many people don’t understand how to find meaningful work because they’ve never fully explored what is important to them as individuals.

How Can Counselling Help?

As your counsellor, my aim is to help you gain perspective on what your needs are and to support you in finding meaning in your work by helping you to identify your skills, strengths and talents. Together we will explore your priorities, your work and life values to discover what is really important to you. We will look into where and how your unique talents will be met and utilised.

Uncovering what is meaningful to a person does not necessarily mean having to branch out into completely new pastures. It may mean identifying where you want to go within the company or sector that you already have experience in. Perhaps it entails looking for additional training or expanding your area of expertise. Perhaps you need to learn how to manage your workload more effectively in order to eliminate stress or anxiety.  Maybe it involves learning effective techniques and strategies to help with assertiveness and how to communicate effectively with your colleagues and managers.

Whatever your needs,  I aim to support you in taking responsibility for creating a fulfilling working life that you love.

To book an appointment or to have a friendly, informal chat, give me a call on 07765 860651, or send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.