Individual Counselling

How does counselling / psychotherapy work?

Counselling / psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery and the development of self-awareness. Broadly speaking, I work on a number of different levels:

Understanding and challenging your mind-set

Dealing with painful feelings

Discovering your potential

Understanding and Challenging Your Mind-Set: Together, we gently explore your thoughts, feelings, relationships and experiences. What are your deep-seated feelings and beliefs about yourself, your relationship with other people and your sense of place in the world? What are the emotional reactions, patterns and behaviours that are shaping your life and keeping you in repetitive negative cycles?  My aim is to help you work towards recognising and examining these.  This increased self-awareness will give you the opportunity to  respond differently to life and  ultimately to the discovery of new and positive habits based on healthy self-esteem.

Dealing with Painful Feelings: It is common for people to want to escape from their painful feelings.  My aim is for you to feel deeply understood as we gently explore your feelings and how to relate differently to them.  By using mindfulness techniques and focusing on the physical sensations in the body,  I will guide you through the process of releasing emotions that have a strong “negative charge”.  Greater freedom and choice are experienced as you are no longer at the mercy of these reactive emotional states.   I also offer specific trauma resolution work.

Discovering Your Potential: As old patterns are let go, I invite you to reconnect with the authentic aspects of yourself that might not have been recognised or simply not given space. We explore your interests, talents, ideas, values and priorities with a view to expanding the possibilities for a happier and healthier future that is uniquely yours.  This is a deeply creative and expansive process.



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