Couples Counselling

hold_handsEvidence shows that good relationships are fundamental for our well-being. When our relationships are flourishing we feel safe, secure and fulfilled. When problems arise, we can be left feeling rejected, lonely and disappointed. Couples counselling can help you to explore your difficulties, discover what is going on between you and support you to find new and healthier ways of relating.

My approach to couples couselling is to offer a safe and supportive space to explore what is driving the conflicts in your relationship. Often our history and relationship experiences impact on our partnerships in the present: being in a relationship reactivates old wounds from childhood and often we end up repeating the relationship dynamics we witnessed in our parents. We also have differences in our values or ways of communicating which can drive rifts between us. My aim is bring clarity and openness to help you develop a deep understandering of each other. From this place of understanding, differences can be negotiated creatively and compassionately allowing you to build trust and intimacy.

What can relationship counselling help with?

conflict / anger / arguments

trust issues / affairs / betrayal

   loss of affection / loss of sexual desire / growing apart

  communication problems / power imbalances / rejection

 issues around step-families / ex-partners / family dynamics

life changes / having a child / job redundancy

co-dependency / domestic violence / addiction

separation / divorce / breakdown

and much more….

Whatever the issue, taking steps to deal with what is going on in your relationship will empower you to make changes that will lead to a more satisfying relationship. Conflicts and breakdowns can be seen as a starting point for something new and positive to emerge, both on a personal and relationship level.

I will support you to:

  • Learn about relationship dynamics
  • Develop better communication
  • Learn active listening and greater awareness of each other’s needs
  • Develop a deeper intimacy and trust
  • Accelerate your self-awareness and personal growth
  • Develop strategies for more positive relating
  • Increase the stability in your family life

To book an appointment, or to have a friendly, informal chat, you can call me on 07765 860651 or send me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you.